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Here at ENK, we each bring our own special sauce.

Our combined knowledge and expertise allows us to create fully customized, deeply supportive one-on-one offerings, to support you wherever you are on your health journey.

Whether you’re looking to troubleshoot a stubborn symptom, transform your relationship with cooking, or take your very first (doable) steps in the realm of health and nutrition… we’ve got you covered.

Read about each of our core services below, and choose the path that feels most aligned with what you’re looking for. That said, we frequently refer to one another, and love to collaborate in service of our clients – so it’s very possible you’ll work with all of us at some point along the journey!

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Functional Nutritionist


If you’ve cleaned up your diet and are still struggling with mysterious symptoms, Margaret can help you get to the root of what’s going on. 

Through a combination of nutrition, cutting-edge testing, and high quality supplements, Margaret will work with you to resolve chronic conditions, autoimmune diseases and even the most stubborn symptoms.

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Chef & Kitchen Coach


Knowing what to eat is one thing. Making your meals delicious, time-efficient and kid-friendly is a whole other story. That’s where Chef James comes in. 

He’ll bring his unique skills and experience to completely transform your relationship to your kitchen, from meal planning support, to kitchen strategy coaching, to full service personal cheffing and more.

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Health Coach


If nutrition, whole foods and healthy living are brand new to you… well, go ahead and exhale. There are so many opinions, diet fads and recommendations out there – it’s hard to know where to start. 

Through leveraged, compassionate health coaching, Andria will guide you step-by-step through a transformational health journey.

Not sure which path is right for you?

See if any of these scenarios resonate, and we’ll point you to your first step.


You’ve been to a zillion doctors and can’t remember the last time you felt pain-free, energized and vibrant. Maybe you have been diagnosed with a complex autoimmune or digestive condition, or perhaps you are just struggling with a mysterious set of symptoms you can’t seem to resolve.

Insights are possible.


You have a good amount of nutrition knowledge, and probably a long list of food sensitivities you’ve discovered (through working with us, or other practitioners). Yet, the process of meal planning, cooking and nourishing yourself feels totally impossible.

You end up unsatiated, frustrated, or sinking ridiculous amounts of time into food prep.


You’re thinking, “wait a second, what’s kale and do I have to eat it?” This world of holistic healing and functional nutrition is brand new to you. Perhaps you’re looking to lose some weight, have more energy, resolve digestive issues or invest in your long-term health.

You need step-by-step guidance and support. 


You want it all – you’re working with some complicated health concerns, or looking to ultra-optimize. You’re ready to fully take on this journey, setting yourself up for success with top notch support and resources.

Probably a combo platter would serve you well, and…

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