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Gluten free and paleo-friendly. Yummy, easy . . . and 100% naked (just the good stuff, no junk)

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But wait . . . what is “naked food” anyway?

Great question. The Eat Naked Kitchen’s food philosophy centers around 7 simple factors that ensure your food is free from chemicals, additives and junk. The recipes you’ll find here follow these principles:


Fresh, local, seasonal.

The fresher the food, the more nutrient-dense it is.



Grown without toxic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers.



You’re in control.


Whole, unrefined, and unpackaged.

As soon as food is modified, its nutritional value is compromised.


Prepared properly.

This ensures that the food’s nutritional value is preserved, even enhanced.


Grown or raised responsbily.

Honoring the environment, animals, farmers, local economies, and our health. This is food you can feel good about.


Mighty tasty.

Fresh food tastes better. Period.

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Want more recipes from the Eat Naked Kitchen?

The Naked Foods Cookbook was our first collaboration. It’s packed with gluten-free, whole-foods recipes the whole family with love.

The Ultimate Immune-Boosting Gummy ebook comes with 20 Unique Gummy Recipes with Immune Boosting Formulas to support your household’s Immune System. 

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